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F*** With You - Bob Sinclar feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor

F*** With You

Bob Sinclar feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor

F*** With You


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Cover ✯ F*** With You ✯ Bob Sinclar feat. Sophie Ellis Bextor ✯ F*** With You
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2016-02-21 01:24:44
Nur from
Country Flag EU

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2013-10-17 04:24:19
Guest from
Country Flag DE

I know this is old, but I'm getting ready to order a card for mine, so I tuohght I'd toss in some info. First, the downloadable manual states support for up to 16Gb, which means that it does support SDHC, at least according to sdcard.org and other sites. It seems, as usual, that companies don't care a bit about sticking to standards, so when they say microSD in this case, they actually mean SDHC, as SD only goes to 2Gb's.So, they make it as confusing as possible.Something else I didn't know when buying, was that in order to do a USB file transfer to my PC, a memory card is required! It won't transfer from the internal phone memory! I don't know yet if files already saved internally can be transferred once the card is inserted, or if they are just stuck', with no choice but to delete them.If you're going to buy a card, take note of the camera resolution. At that low res., you'll need a zillion pics to fill up a high capacity card, which is why I'm ordering a cheapy 2Gb, as there's no way I'll ever take that many pics with my cell phone. You'd be better off taking the savings from buying a cheap card, and putting it towards a bona fide camera.I've been pretty happy with the phone, overall. I don't text much, but the slide out qwerty keyboard is awesome for texting.One thing I strongly dislike off the top of my head, though. I have had issues with my bluetooth randomly connecting, even after manually disabling it. That really drove me crazy for awhile. There were a couple of times where I'm talking on my phone without the bluetooth, and all of a sudden it connects and the audio cuts out of my phone! So then I'm scrambling around my room, trying to find my bluetooth, yelling, If you can hear me, hold on, cause I can't hear you .my phone's screwed up! Oh man, did I want to strangle some engineer over that! Haven't had that glitch in quite awhile now, though.

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12 mar 2012
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