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Boa Sorte - Brizi Vs. Laura Gaeta

Boa Sorte (Good Luck)

Brizi Vs. Laura Gaeta

Super Summer Hits 2009


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Cover ✯ Boa Sorte (Good Luck) ✯ Brizi Vs. Laura Gaeta ✯ Super Summer Hits 2009
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2012-08-08 16:20:18
Guest from
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hey I can, How about chris cornell? HEEYYY crnerut rocker right in your face. Ehm Matt bellamy sure has a good voice. John mayer is more like blues but still. Tony kakko (ah you dont know him) Timo Kotipelto and again myles kennedy.And Im not saying hes bad or something, Its just he is an attention whore, and that his rock is not real rock. With that I dont mean his voice, but mainly the instrumentals. Except a few songs, the most sound pretty techno and stuff.

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27 aug 2010
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