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Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Boa Sorte (Good Luck) - Brizi Vs. Laura Gaeta
  • 2.44/534
Brizi Vs. Laura Gaeta
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Steppe - Huun Huur Tu
  • 2.36/533
Huun Huur Tu
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - GarageBand - Apple
  • 2.64/539
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Its America - Rodney Atkins
  • 2.36/522
Rodney Atkins
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Dont Trust Me - 3oh3
  • 2.54/535
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - I Run To You - Lady Antebellum
  • 3.04/526
Lady Antebellum
ringtones free
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Suslik - MasterlyMac
  • 2.83/530
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - I Wanna Fuck You Now - TNK Project
  • 2.62/553
TNK Project
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Best Times - Rodney Atkins
  • 2.00/516
Rodney Atkins
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Angelina - Tommy Emmanuel
  • 3.08/551
Tommy Emmanuel
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Digi Digi Dom Dom - Debashish Bhattacharya
  • 2.94/531
Debashish Bhattacharya
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Еду в Магадан - Вася Обломов
  • 2.64/528
Вася Обломов
ringtones free
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Rising Sun - Kiyoshi Yoshida
  • 3.04/526
Kiyoshi Yoshida
Ringtones for iPhone & Android - Club Thing - YOAV
  • 3.42/526

Welcome to the LARGEST collection of iPhone and Android ringtones available in the internet!
Over 1000 of our  best quality and unique ringtones are free to download to your smartphone and other mobile devices.
It's easy - browse ringtones by genres, artists, albums or our top charts, choose your ringtones format and download for free.
For iPhone, choose m4r format, add downloaded ringtone to iTunes library and finally connect your iPhone and do a Sync. iPhone will display the list of added ringtones under the “Custom” section .Tap on the ringtone name to choose the ringtone as your default iPhone ringtone. For Android , choose mp3 format and download ringtone directly to your device.
There are no monthly fees and no hidden charges to get free iPhone and Android ringtones from our site.
The site   RINGTONEZZZ .COM you will find free ringtones for Apple iPhone (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5). All files on this site prepared for the installation on the phone, ringtones m4r format that is not the call of difficulties with installing them on the phone.
Download any file you like, play it through iTunes (the file will be copied to the folder iTunes) and all you have left after that, so it is sync your iPhone and iTunes.
All files on the site  RINGTONEZZZ .COM you can free download!
Also on the site  RINGTONEZZZ .COM you can download ringtones in mp3 format that will suit as ringtones for phones based on Android, as well as to any other mobile phone use as a ringtone mp3 files.

How to make Ringtones for iPhone

1. Select tracks:
Open ITunes, you need to find a song or audio file you want to convert into a ringtone . Choose something that will not bother you any and will not annoy others .

2. Setting the time:
Right-click the file name in the pop-up menu , select «Get Info» and the properties of the file , go to the «Options». Opposite «Start Time» and «Stop Time» and place a checkmark in the appropriate fields , enter the start and end of a song from which you make a ringtone. Click «OK». ( Do not make the duration of the melodies more than 40 seconds , otherwise ITunes does not recognize the file as a ringtone . )

3. Create AAC - version:
Saving the select list of music files , and then on the top menu iTunes, click the «Advanced», and then «Create AAC Version». It converts the selected piece of track in the file format of AAC ( the abbreviation stands for Advanced Audio Coding AAC ). New AAC - file will have the same name as the original, and will be located directly below the list of files , music libraries .

4. Change the extension:
Select the AAC - files in the ITunes.Ego to drag it to the desktop computer. Change the file extension from «.M4A» to «.M4R». Files «.M4R» will be automatically recognized by iTunes as iphone ringtones.

If you - the user Windows, and you do not see the extension in the file name , go to the Control Panel, then «Folder Options» , then click on the tab «View» and uncheck «Hide extensions for known file types».

5. Remove the AAC file:
Remove from iTunes AAC file. Then right -click on the original song , go to «Get Info», then - in the «Settings» and uncheck the «Start Time» and «Stop Time». It brings back the original configuration of the start and end of the play the file using a conventional listening.

6. Play the file in iTunes:
Right-click on a file with the extension «.M4R» and select Open With - for Windows, open file for users Mac OS X. Melody for iPhone is now determined automatically by iTunes , and is located in the folder «Ringtones» ( ringtones ) . Now the ringtone file from your desktop can be removed.

7. Sync iPhone:
Sync your iPhone with iTunes. Now you can set the ringtone to your iPhone, which will play your own song as a ringtone ( call) !

Do not forget to put a checkbox on against your music to iTunes when you sync with iPhone.
Ringtones for iPhone & Android. Download free!
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