The iPad accounted for 84.3 percent of web traffic from tablets in June

ipad-mini.jpgThe consensus among Apple watchers is that when the company announces its quarterly earnings later today, the total shipments of iPads between March and June will be either slightly lower than or barely above the 17 million units of a year ago. The past quarter was, after all, the first spring since 2010 without a new iPad. But another metric illustrates that those who did buy an iPad (or already had one) are still using them a lot.

Chitika’s monthly web-traffic report on tablet use published Tuesday shows that the iPad accounted from 84.3 percent of all U.S. and Canadian tablet web use in June. That’s up slightly from 82.4 percent in May and 81.3 percent in April. The 84.3 percent mark is the iPad’s highest share of tablet web use so far this year.

The table below shows the iPad’s growth during the quarter and that of the No. 2 and No. 3 tablets for web use, the Kindle Fire and Samsung’s Galaxy tablets:

This is a metric that Apple — and CEO Tim Cook especially — loves to crow about (I would not be surprised to hear him cite this research on the earnings call later today). People actually using the tablets they buy from Apple is, of course, a good thing for Apple.

Chitika says it collected the data from “tens of millions” of U.S. and Canadian tablets’ online ad impressions running through the Chitika Ad Network. So, while it’s a glimpse of how the iPad is doing with users relative to Apple’s competitors, it’s just one view — and a very narrow one at that.

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