How to make Ringtones for iPhone

If you do not want to do it yourself or simply do not have time for that would be to perform these manipulations , you can use the network resource and download ready-made ringtones for iPhone ( music for iPhone) and ringtones for android .

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You are bored with the standard ringtones on your iphone ? It is not necessary to spend money to buy new tunes - you can make them yourself.

How to make Ringtones for iPhone

1. Select tracks:
Open ITunes, you need to find a song or audio file you want to convert into a ringtone . Choose something that will not bother you any and will not annoy others .

2. Setting the time:
Right-click the file name in the pop-up menu , select «Get Info» and the properties of the file , go to the «Options». Opposite «Start Time» and «Stop Time» and place a checkmark in the appropriate fields , enter the start and end of a song from which you make a ringtone. Click «OK». ( Do not make the duration of the melodies more than 40 seconds , otherwise ITunes does not recognize the file as a ringtone . )

3. Create AAC - version:
Saving the select list of music files , and then on the top menu iTunes, click the «Advanced», and then «Create AAC Version». It converts the selected piece of track in the file format of AAC ( the abbreviation stands for Advanced Audio Coding AAC ). New AAC - file will have the same name as the original, and will be located directly below the list of files , music libraries .

4. Change the extension:
Select the AAC - files in the ITunes.Ego to drag it to the desktop computer. Change the file extension from «.M4A» to «.M4R». Files «.M4R» will be automatically recognized by iTunes as iphone ringtones.

If you - the user Windows, and you do not see the extension in the file name , go to the Control Panel, then «Folder Options» , then click on the tab «View» and uncheck «Hide extensions for known file types».

5. Remove the AAC file:
Remove from iTunes AAC file. Then right -click on the original song , go to «Get Info», then - in the «Settings» and uncheck the «Start Time» and «Stop Time». It brings back the original configuration of the start and end of the play the file using a conventional listening.

6. Play the file in iTunes:
Right-click on a file with the extension «.M4R» and select Open With - for Windows, open file for users Mac OS X. Melody for iPhone is now determined automatically by iTunes , and is located in the folder «Ringtones» ( ringtones ) . Now the ringtone file from your desktop can be removed.

7. Sync iPhone:
Sync your iPhone with iTunes. Now you can set the ringtone to your iPhone, which will play your own song as a ringtone ( call) !

Do not forget to put a checkbox on against your music to iTunes when you sync with iPhone.
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