How to download files ...

1. Select file to download ( iphone ringtone or ringtone for Android )

2. Click on the link and wait for the completion of downloading the file to your computer ( make sure to save the file , which would then be easily retrieved ! !)

How to install the downloaded files on the iPhone ...

1. Find on your computer the downloaded file

2. Click on it , right-click

3. In the opened window, select "Open with ..." Choose from the programs offered iTunes The file is copied to the parent folder, iTunes, if you did not change the "default" and from the place of the original download file can be removed , that would not zahlamlat your computer.

4. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a cable

5. In the left column of iTunes find your iPhone

6. Then, in the iTunes top menu find a category of the file that I downloaded ( software, movies , ringtones )

7. Put a check in front of us the downloaded file (it should already appear in the predlozhennyyh for synchronization) 8. Sync your phone with iTunes

Wait for the sync ! The file on your iPhone.

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