So what is the iPhone?

iPhone is - quadband GSM - phone from Apple, combines the functions of the iPod and internet tablet. Works on iPhone OS, is a modified version of the Mac OS, optimized to run on the phone

As he had not been good this phone is it a minor flaw. This disadvantage is that the phone can not be put conventional File formats but only those that operate under its OS. Including ring tones to be format m4r, video m4v or mp4, audio book m4b. Below we will consider where you can find these files and how to put on the iPhone

iPhone ringtones you can create a program, iTunes, of all tracks, as purchased in the iTunes Store, as well as from our own library. You can also download ready-made ringtones for the iPhone from the site of iPhone Ringtones. Ringtones for iPhone (iPhone 3G S). On this website, ringtones are already available for installation on the phone and

All you need is the:

1. download ringtone

2. reproduce it (ringtones) on your computer (the ringtone is automatically copied to the folder, iTunes, and from the place of injection you can remove it, that would not clutter up your computer)

3. Select the downloaded ringtone in your iTunes library and sync your phone with your computer. Address Book, iPhone lets you assign an individual ringtone for each caller.

Also on the page above this site you will find videos (video) for the iPhone, Soviet movies for iPhone, a small selection of games and programs for the iPhone. These files are also ready for installation on your handset and transferred into iTunes as follows

1. click on the ripped files, right-click and select the item in the open interface "open with" choose to iTunes

2. synchronize the iPhone with the needed files

(Put a checkmark in the desired file, or movie clip, program, or a ringtone, in general, contrary to what you want to have around on the tube)

Ringtones for iPhone & Android. Download free!
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